Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs (CEPA)


The Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs (CEPA) identifies and monitors the needs of the chemical workforce and develops, coordinates, and oversees the implementation of programs and activities to enhance the economic and professional status of chemical professionals.

Reports to Council at National Meetings

Activities & Time Commitments

CEPA conducts and reports the results of periodic fact-finding studies on matters that affect the economic and professional status of chemical professionals and makes recommendations to Council on policy in this area. The committee reviews ACS career services programs, and plans and conducts symposia and workshops with Divisions and other committees at national ACS meetings. In addition to attendance at committee meetings, CEPA members may be asked to review, comment, or act on specific materials or information brought to the committee's attention throughout the year. The committee also authors and reviews professional guidelines and policy statements; and sponsors ChemLuminary awards for outstanding career programming for: an ACS Technical Division and an ACS Local Section.

CEPA sponsored ChemLuminary Awards

Outstanding Technical Division Career Program Award Winners
This award is newly created in 2015 to recognize outstanding programming related to advancing the careers of chemical scientists and engineerings by ACS' Technical Divisions.

Outstanding Local Section Career Program Award Winners
2014 - Small to Medium Large Size - Louisiana Local Section
2014 - Large to Very Large Size - Chemical Society of Washington Local Section
2013 - Small to Medium Large Size - Detroit Local Section
2013 - Large to Very Large Size - North Jersey Local Section


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