Chemistry for a Sustainable World

Spring 2010 Programmatic Theme
Welcome from Programming Chair

Fellow Chemists,

Last fall, CEI’s ongoing efforts and activities towards environmental sustainability dovetailed perfectly with the newly designated thematic program for the Spring 2010 national meeting in San Francisco. On behalf of CEI, I became the Theme Leader for “Chemistry for a Sustainable World.”

I set out to highlight not only the research contributions that we as chemists have made to a sustainable future but also to emphasize that this issue touches all of us in many different ways. My vision of thematic programming was that it should not only focus on a specific topic, but it should also emphasize that for all the size of the ACS, we are part of one community, and our wide variety of perspectives on a topic such as sustainability brings us together and is one of our greatest strengths.

The resulting program is a tour de force. In addition to symposia on energy, water, and green chemistry that were part of the programming that I designed, CEI members worked as liaisons with other committees and divisions to cosponsor programs. Program Chairs cheerfully surprised me with their innovations in demonstrating how sustainability related to even the most unexpected topics. Sustainability will be a part of the programming for local high school teachers, for the undergraduate students, and as part of community outreach. There is a symposium on chemistry in the developing world created and organized by graduate students. CEI is presenting the second offering in an environmental film festival. The list goes on and on. Some of the highlights are currently posted online [].

I had challenged the program chairs to make my life miserable trying to make choices among a multitude of outstanding and exciting events. I believe they have been far too effective!

At my last count, at least 24 Divisions, six committees, and numerous other ACS entities were all contributing to over 115 events demonstrating the commitment of our members to using our talents as chemists to create a sustainable world.

I invite each of you to join me in San Francisco for this celebration not only of sustainability, but also of the power of ACS members working together.

Sustainably Yours,

Laura Pence
Theme Leader for “Chemistry for a Sustainable World”
Spring 2010 ACS national meeting in San Francisco