Members & Subcommittees



Elizabeth M. Howson (2017)

Safety Education Subcommittee Chair
David C. Finster (2016)

Safety Solutions Subcommittee Chair
Harry J. Elston (2015)

Safety Communications
Subcommittee Chair
Scott R. Goode (2017)

Safey Education Guidelines Taskforce Co-Chair
William H. Breazeale (2015)

Safety Education Guidelines Taskforce Co-Chair
Kirk Hunter (2015)

Hazard Analysis Taskforce Chair
Kimberly Jeskie (2017)

Safety Advisory Panel Chair
Ralph Stuart (2015)


Erik A. Talley (2015)




Georgia Arbuckle-Keil (2017)

Regina Cody (2015)

Robert H. Hill, Jr. (2015)

David A. Katz (2016)

George J. Lechner (2015)

Edward Movitz (2016)

Russell W. Phifer (2016)

Darlene K. Slattery (2015)

Kyle S. Strode (2016)

Weslene Tallmadge (2015)

Associate Members

Allen W. Apblett (2015)

Irene Cesa (2015)

Joseph M. Crockett (2015)

Anna Dunn (2015)

Robin M. Izzo (2015)

Michael G. Koehler (2015)

Nicholas F. Materer (2015)

Sr. Carol Ann Meyers (2015) 

Darryl Prater (2015)

Al Ribes (2015)

Rebecca Riggs (2015) 



William H. Breazeale
Erik A. Talley

ACS Staff Liaisons

Marta Gmurczy
Raihanah Rasheed


CCS Operations Manual

The operations manual contains:

  • The CCS strategic plan
  • A brief history of the committee
  • Subcommittees, their missions, and functions
  • Member roles and responsibilities
  • ACS staff directory and offices
  • ACS abbreviations and acronyms glossary

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