CCS Publications

White Papers and Policy Statements

  • Improving EPA Regulations Comments, 2011
  • Department of Homeland Security Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Comments, 2007
  • New EPA Laboratory Hazardous Waste Rule Comments, 2006
  • Scope of new Laboratory RCRA rule, 2004
  • Regulation of Laboratory Waste
  • ACS Comments on EPA Proposed Hazardous Waste Management System, 2001

General Safety Reference

Classroom Safety


  • Safety in the Elementary Science Classroom

Middle School and High School

  • Chemical Safety for Teachers and Their Supervisors, Grades 7-12
  • Reducing Risks to Students and Educators from Hazardous Chemicals in a Secondary School Chemical Inventory
  • Student Laboratory Code of Conduct for Secondary Science


  • Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories: Volume 1
    (Student Edition, college)
  • Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories: Volume 2
    (Teacher's Edition)
  • Safety for Introductory Chemistry Students Brochure

Workplace Safety

  • Chemical Safety Manual for Small Businesses
  • Safety Audit/Inspection Manual

Laboratory Safety

External Publications