Committee on Committees (ConC)

The committee charged by ACS Bylaws with maintaining a healthy committee system for all Council related committees is aptly named the Committee on Committees, or ConC. The committee is composed of 15 members and the President-Elect as Ex-officio member, and is one of three Council committees of the American Chemical Society whose members are elected directly by the Council.

ConC’s responsibilities are listed in the ACS Bylaws:

  • acting for the Council in the selection of Council-related Society bodies by assisting and advising in the appointment of the chairs and members of such Society bodies;
  • studying and making recommendations to the Council concerning the responsibilities and size of all Council related Society bodies, including proposals to disband, create, or merge them;
  • coordinating the agenda and meeting times of the Standing Committees of the Council and Society Committees and assuring adequate exchanges of views on issues of general concern; and
  • making recommendations on the assignment of substantive responsibility to committees for review of petitions to amend the Constitution and Bylaws.