Past Thematic Programming at ACS National Meetings

Date/Location Theme Organizer(s)
Spring 2015, Denver Chemistry of Natural Resources Robert Weber
Fall 2014, San Francisco Chemistry & Global Stewardship Robin Rogers
Spring 2014, Dallas Chemistry & Materials for Energy Michelle Buchanan and Nitash Balsara
Fall 2013, Indianapolis Chemistry in Motion Robert Weiss
Spring 2013, New Orleans Chemistry of Energy & Food James N. Seiber
Fall 2012, Philadelphia Materials for Health & Medicine Xinqiao Jia
Spring 2012, San Diego Chemistry of Life Peter Senter
Fall 2011, Denver Chemistry of Air, Space, and Water Ron Cohen
Spring 2011, Anaheim Chemistry of Natural Resources Ann-Christine Albertsson
Fall 2010, Boston Chemistry for Preventing and Combating Disease
John Finley and Kenneth Jacobson
Spring 2010, San Francisco Chemistry for a Sustainable World
Laura Pence
Fall 2009, Washington, DC Chemistry and Global Security: Challenges and Opportunities Sadiq Shah
Fall 2008, Philadelphia Chemistry for Health: Catalyzing Translational Research Kinam Park
Spring 2008, New Orleans Energy and the Environment Mike Morello (Lead), Mercedes Maroto-Valer, Andrew Jackson, Eberhard Morgenroth
Fall 2007, Boston Biotechnology for Health and Wellness Han Shen, Les McQuire, John Finley
Spring 2007, Chicago Sustainability of Energy, Food, and Water Catherine Hunt (Lead), Ken Anderson, Sharon Shoemaker, Benito Marinas
Fall 2006, San Francisco Recovery from and Prevention of Natural Disasters Ruth Hathaway