DAC Subcommittees 2015

Chair: Michael J. Morello

Subcommittee Member
Communications & Technology

Julie Smist (Chair)

Martin Abraham

Mary Ann Meador

Kenneth Mattes               

Divisional Enhancement & Outreach

Silvia Ronco (Co-chair)

Jeanette Van Emon (Co-chair)

Semih Eser

Theresa Good

James Takacs

Governance and Reporting
(formerly Constitution & ByLaws and
Annual Reports & Division Status)

Roger Egolf (Co-Chair)

Robert Tilton (Co-Chair)

Mary Moore

Maria Santore

Douglas Sawyer

John Long

Technical Programming and Collaboration
(formerly Meetings)

Rodney Bennett (Chair)

Mark Frishberg

Dean Webster

Jane Aldrich

Huw Davies

MPPG Luke Achenie (Chair)