Committee on Minority Affairs

The Committee on Minority Affairs (CMA) aims to lead change in institutional culture within the ACS and the chemical enterprise and achieve full participation and expression of intellectual and creative capacity of underrepresented minorities.

Mission Statement

To increase the number & participation of racially & ethnically underrepresented scientists in the Society and its governance

Vision Statement

ACS membership & governance will be representative of the racial & ethnic diversity in the general US population.

What does the CMA do?

  • Promotes the recognition of the professional accomplishments of minorities
  • Attracts minority students to the profession
  • Identifies minority-friendly educational institutions and businesses
  • Works for the increased participation of minority chemistry professionals in the Society at all levels
  • Provides mentoring to minority students
  • Compiles best practices for recruitment, retention, career development, and evaluation of programs for the advancement of minorities

Focus Areas for the CMA

CMA Local Initiatives

ACS local sections may serve as a valuable resource to assist in the effort to ensure the availability of a pool of talented chemists in the future, since it is at the local section level where underrepresented minority groups may be introduced to the ACS. For this reason, the Committee on Minority Affairs is offering a one-time mini-grant of up to $500 to local sections to support the implementation of programs that encourage the participation of underrepresented minority scientists. Apply here.

Starting a new local section CMA? Here is your starter kit to help you get started.

Not sure if you have a local section CMA? Check our directory of local section CMAs.

Articles of Interest

Strategic Plan for 2014

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