ACS Guidelines Revision

As we passed the fourth anniversary of the adoption of the 2008 Guidelines in January 2012, CPT is working on developing the next revision of the Guidelines. The Committee began the process with a Comment Column in the January 2, 2012, issue of Chemical & Engineering News and through discussions in our meetings in January and March of that year. Our work on the revisions continued with a retreat in June 2012. We planned a series of meetings open to the community that focused on topics related to the Guidelines revisions over the next 18 months. We held symposia at the Biennial Conference on Chemical Education at Pennsylvania State University in late July 2012, and at the Spring ACS National Meeting in New Orleans in April 2013. We also provided plenty of time for discussion and feedback through formal panels and through small group discussions of the participants.

As we are in the final stages of revising the Guidelines, we want to be responsive to all of these issues and others that are of importance to the community. Most importantly, we want to develop Guidelines that will ensure that the chemistry undergraduates of 2025 are appropriately trained as chemists for the future. 


Upcoming Event

CPT Open Meeting

CPT will hold an open meeting at the 249th ACS National Meeting in Denver, Colorado, from noon to 1:00pm on Sunday, March 22, 2015, in the Gold Coin Room at the Denver Marriott City Center Hotel.