2010 ACS National Election Candidate Information

President-Elect, 2011 - Candidates

Directors-at-Large, 2011-2013 - Candidates

Director, District II, 2011-2013 - Candidates

Director, District IV, 2011-2013 - Candidates

  • Dr. Larry K. Krannich
    University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham AL
  • Dr. Will E. Lynch
    Armstrong Atlantic State University, Savannah, GA
  • More information about ACS policies for Election and Campaigning can be found in Bulletin V Bylaw 5 and in Guidelines for Campaigning and Communication

2010 Fall National Election Results

President Elect for 2011:

Bassam Z. Shakhashiri

Director, District II, 2011-2013:

George M. Bodner

Director, District IV, 2011-2013:

Larry K. Krannich

Director-at-Large, 2011-2013:

Kathleen M Schulz

Kent J. Voorhees