My Project SEED Summer

Melissa Flores

Melissa Flores
Alfred and Isabel Bader Scholar
Chemistry major at University of Texas at Tyler

"My experience in Project SEED was extraordinary. I really liked that we got to do rotations with different professors of chemistry. With each rotation, we got to work on different projects and learned a little bit about what each professor specialized in. We did many different labs; it kept us busy and very interested in all the new things we got to see. It made me appreciate all the hard work chemists have done to acheive these types of experiments. The program really opened my eyes to how much I can achieve going into a chemistry-influenced career."

Neil Gray, Mentor
Chair and Professor of Chemistry
University of Texas at Tyler

"Melissa participated in the SEED program in my research group. All of the faculty mentors were impressed by her professionalism, dependability, and sheer academic talent. She demonstrated an academic maturity that is well beyond a typical high school student. She worked hard in the lab, picked up techniques quickly, and developed an understanding of chemistry that was surprising. This young lady has a natural knack for chemistry and the motivation to develop into a great university student. She contributes to the direction of the experimentation. She often demonstrates a level of critical thinking that is admirable for someone so early in her academic career. I think she will make a great college student."

Minh-Thu Phan

Minh-Thu Phan
Bayer Foundation Scholar
Chemistry major at Georgia State University

“Project SEED has opened many doors for me and helped me grow as a student and person in general. I am grateful for this opportunity in this program. Not only has this research experience given me the opportunity of working in a lab, but it has also provided me with a great deal of responsibility. It was a lot of hard work and determination. However, I was fascinated by and interested in what I was doing, and thus enjoyed it. Many people are proud of me for sacrificing my summer to participate in this research experience, but I have never considered 'sacrifice' as the word to describe my time here at Project SEED: it was an experience of a lifetime.”

Jonathan Lyon, Mentor
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Clayton State University

“While in my laboratory, Minh-Thu always arrived to the laboratory on time, and would stay for the entire duration. She quickly learned how to navigate through a UNIX computer and perform theoretical chemical equations on a reaction path from methanol to synthesis gas on a a metal catalyst. She also performed relevant literature searches, and studied topics related to the research that were new to her from her textbooks. Experimentally, she did a wonderful job helping to construct a reaction chamber for matrix isolation experiments. She was always eager to learn the next new topic or task.”

Jacob Tennant

Jacob Tennant
Alfred and Isabel Bader Scholar
Chemistry major at Idaho State University

"One of the many things I learned was how an actual chemistry lab compares to a high school chemistry lab. What I found from my experience in the actual lab was that you often didn't know what the result would be. Another thing that this experience taught me was how many of the things I thought were dangerous were actually quite harmless when used carefully and properly with respect. One of the things I was not expecting was how awesome, for lack of a better word, the people (students and professors) were at the program."

Andrew Holland, Mentor
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Idaho State University

"Jacob worked in my lab as a SEED student during the summer of 2012 and was as diligent and productive as most of the undergraduates I've worked with at ISE. I'm looking forward to his return this summer. Although Jacob certainly lacked some of the chemical knowledge of his more experienced colleagues, he readily learned what he needed to as he went along, and I am confident that his aptitude and work ethic will lead him to success in a chemistry degree program and well beyond."

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