Sylvester Mosley, Post-Doctoral Researcher, FDA

Influence Will Stay for the Rest of His Career

I learned about the ACS Scholars Program through the chemistry department at Tuskegee University. I needed financial assistance to continue school. The scholarship gave me the opportunity to work in a lab setting, so I was able to attain the knowledge I needed to progress.

Because of the Scholars Program, I had the opportunity to attend my first ACS meeting. This experience was instrumental in my desire to continue with chemistry and it also introduced me to a broad spectrum of people in the field; in fact, I’m still in contact with many of these people today.

The scholarship has had a cascading effect. If not for that, my focus would have been split between working and going to school. That would have hurt me going into graduate school.

This effect might have caused me to quit and I wouldn’t be in the position I am today, a post-doctoral researcher at the FDA, working on a bacterial vaccine against E. coli. Now, I mentor an ACS Scholar, helping her through her first year of graduate school.

The ACS Scholars Program allows students to not have to worry about money, so they can concentrate on their work. And it opens up networking opportunities. It helped me tremendously in attaining my Ph.D. and starting in the profession. That influence will stay with me for the duration of my career.

– Sylvester Mosley, Ph.D.

Sylvester Mosley with his mentee,
Jacqueline Smith.