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Featured Chemist in the Real World

Jared Roop is a toxicology criminalist for the Missouri State Highway Patrol Crime Laboratry. He earned an M.S. in chemistry with a focus on analytical chemistry (electrogenerated chemiluminescence) from Missouri State University. During his final year of graduate school, Jared began an internship as a lab technician with the crime lab and five months later, he was hired into his current position.

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What's Your Dream Job?

Michael McLaughlin

Despite the challenging job market that most new graduates are facing, many undergraduate chemistry majors and recent grads are enthusiastic and hopeful about their future career paths. In fact, some dare to dream about ways they can use their degrees in chemistry, biochemistry, and chemical engineering as a springboard into a multitude of fields. In its July 28 issue, C&EN shares a sampling of these idyllic vocational musings and evolving plans for translating them into reality.

Chemistry Students Describe Their Dream Jobs

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Video Series: Interview Saavy

Dr. Dennie Guthrie, Associate Director of Research and Development at The Dow Chemical Company, provides insights on how to best present yourself to protential employers.