How Does Sci-Mind™ Work?

ACS Sci-Mind® integrates the best of traditional education, online learning, and technology to create a dynamic online environment where individual lesson plans are tailored to each learner’s professional needs and reinforced through their cohort experience.

Check out the video below.

The Sci-Mind® Steps

  • Before joining a Sci-Mind® cohort, each learner completes a knowledge mapping exercise (called The Analyst) and works one-on-one with an ACS Curriculum Developer to receive a customized Learning Solution addressing their specific knowledge gaps in a given subject. This becomes the learners “agenda” over the course of the cohort.
  • Once the cohort begins, learners work at their own pace to complete their Learning Solution – all the while having direct access to a diverse pool of experts and peer-to-peer learning activities, which allows them to gain knowledge, skills, and solution-focused insights. Learners ask questions of the Subject Matter Experts, solicit feedback from peers through message boards and chat functions, and even have access to content that in not part of their Learning Solution that might be recommended by another cohort member. Sci-Mind® can be as flexible as the learners need it to be.
  • Throughout the Sci-Mind® experience, learners usually spending 3-4 hours a week focusing on assignments and online events, AND have a full six-week window to decide how and when they do their best learning. Everyone will have a different experience and different requirements throughout the six-weeks so learners have the freedom to adjust to their schedule as needed.
  • At the conclusion of the cohort, learners receive a final Learning Report that outlines the content they covered, the skills they mastered and documents their achievements. A version of this report can also be shared with the learners company upon request.
  • But the learning does not stop at the conclusion of the Sci-Mind® cohort. Learners have the opportunity to join new cohorts to continue working through the vast library of content or maintain their alumni status in our Sci-Mind® Alumni Community that facilitates career-long professional networking and idea-sharing

Registration is open for Sci-Mind® cohorts in Separation Science and Toxicology for the Scientist – register now as space in cohorts is limited to 15 learners.

If you have questions email us or call 202-872-4508.