Separation Science

Cosmetics, petroleum, biomedical, and agricultural products are just a few of the commercial sectors in which chromatography is critical to the research and development cycle. The Sci-Mind® catalog in Separation Science includes material in Gas Chromatography (GC), High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Mass Spectrometry (MS), and more.

This program is designed for scientists with a solid understanding of chemistry. If you are new to chromatography, have a few years of experience, or have transferred to a GC or HPLC lab, this course will provide you with exactly the fundamental understanding of concepts, theory, and instrumentation you need.

**Previous participants come from the drug development, nutraceuticals, specialty chemicals, consumer products, and food science sectors.

2014 Cohort Dates

March 10-April 21 - Quantifying Chromatography

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May 5 - June 16 - Separations in Toxicology

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September 8 - October 20 - Developing Chromatographic Methods

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November 10 - December 15 - Troubleshooting & Validating Chromatographic Methods

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Spotlight On: Quantifying Chromatography

Do you struggle to determine which sample preparation technique to use? Are you trying to develop or optimize a GC or HPLC method from scratch? Or are you attempting to quantify your separation? If you are faced with any of these challenges, Sci-Mind® Separation Science will help you overcome these challenges. Come build a solid understanding of fundamental GC and HPLC concepts, theory, and instrumentation while gaining valuable insight and feedback from global experts.

Sci-Mind® Separation Science is a customizable, online environment that integrates traditional classroom discussions, lectures, and activities with social media tools for flexible access in learning.  This community-based program focuses on problem solving by honing your basic knowledge in troubleshooting, sharpening your skills in method development, and applying new optimization techniques.


At the end of this 6-week course, you should be able to:

  • Develop your own HPLC or GC chromatographic method from scratch, and then optimize it.
  • Determine how to control your separation through parameter manipulation
  • Explain how GC/HPLC instrument components control resolution/separation
  • Choose appropriate sample preparation technique for method development
  • Demonstrate quantification techniques for standard GC and HPLC separations
  • Identify troubleshooting techniques and tips to save time and money

Who Should Attend?

  • Scientists and chromatographers working across the chemical enterprise that use gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, and mass spectrometry
  • Professionals in the chemical enterprise involved with sales, marketing, and promotion of chromatography products, that have a background in chemistry
  • Those new to chromatography, with a few years of experience, or that have recently transferred to a GC or HPLC lab

*Previous participants hail from various sectors: forensics, specialty chemicals, agriculture/pesticides, petrochemical products, pharmaceutical, food and flavors, cosmetics, plus many others.

Agenda/Activity Objective:

  • Week 1: Introduction to separation science:  Document your method development approach
  • Week 2: Instrumentation & resolution:  Explore the use of column temperature (GC) or solvent strength (HPLC) during chromatography
  • Week 3: Sample preparation for method development:  Choose the right sample preparation protocol for your method
  • Week 4: Parameter manipulation and method development:  Simulate your method and the quantification of your separation using
  • Week 5: Troubleshoot your method: Develop a GC or HPLC method from scratch
  • Week 6: Method Optimization: Illustrate your optimized method and critique others

Customizable Learning Compounds:

In addition to your assigned 6-week learning solution, you will receive 1 on 1 consultation with a Sci-Mind® curriculum developer who will customize your learning solution to include self-selected content. Available topic areas include:

  • HPLC Learning Compounds:
    • Fundamental HPLC
    • HPLC Columns
    • Sample Preparation
    • Resolution (Theory)
    • HPLC Separation Modes
    • Gradient Elution
    • Troubleshooting
  • GC Learning Compounds:
    • GC Fundamentals
    • GC Inlet/Injectors
    • GC Injector Types & Techniques
    • Capillary Columns
    • GC Detectors
    • Sample Preparation Techniques
    • Troubleshooting
  • MS Learning Compounds:
    • Introduction to Mass Spectrometry
    • Ionization techniques
    • Mass Analyzers
    • Detectors
    • GC-MS
    • LC-MS

Meet our Experts

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the amazing support and enthusiasm we’ve received from professionals all over the scientific community. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are a critical part of the Sci-Mind® experience and educational model. From a variety of industrial sectors, they provide insight and guidance during content development, but also offer years of expertise via informal interaction within the community.

Hana Aasim
Malaysian Technology Development Company, pecializing in GC-MS, Chiral, validation
Michael Balogh
Waters Corporation, specializing in MS and LC-MS
Brian Bidlingmeyer
Agilent Technologies, specializing in Analytical Chemistry, HPLC and Pharmaceuticals
Jeroen Billen
General Electric – Belgium, specializing in GC, LC and Organics Analysis

Paul Boswell
University of Minnesota, specializing in simulation tools for GC and HPLC

Bill Farrell
Pfizer, specializing in SPE, HPLC, and SFC
Mike Hicks
Merck/Stevens Inst. of Technology, specializing in Chromatography for Pharma & Drug Development
Kim Huynh-Ba
Pharmalytick, specializing in HPLC Stability and Regulatory Compliance
Lee Polite
Axion Training Institute, LLC, specializing in GC and HPLC training and analysis
Terry Martindale
Southwest Laboratory of Oklahoma (retired), specializing in HPLC, GC and SPE
Harold McNair
Virginia Tech University, specializing in all things Chromatography
Kevin Shug
University of Texas – Arlington, specializing in GC-MS and HPLC
Nick Snow
Seton Hall University, specializing in SPE, GC, and HPLC
Anca Tugulea
Health Canada, specializing in SPME, water quality, VOC by GC-MS
John van Antwerp
Waters Corporation, specializing in UPLC, and LC – MS
  Frank van Geel, specializes in GC and LC training and education

If you are interested in becoming involved in Sci-Mind® as a content contributor or subject matter expert, please contact us.

To see how Sci-Mind® works and to get answers to some basic questions, see our Getting Started With Sci-Mind® page. If you have questions email us or call 202-872-4508.