The Sci-Mind™ Difference

ACS Sci-Mind™ is different from any learning experience available today. Keeping up with the demands of a changing workforce and staying professionally competitive requires a new approach to professional education that puts career development in the hands of the learner. Below are just a few of the ways Sci-Mind™ stands out:

  • Customized Content – Sci-Mind™ focuses only on topics relevant or important to the learner. Learners work with our Curriculum Developer to identify specific needs and the content within Sci-Mind™ that can help them achieve their goals.
  • Convenient – Learners can access Sci-Mind™ online whenever they choose to engage in completing their Learning Solution. And because Sci-Mind™ is self-paced, learners can work at their own speed through the material.
  • Time/Cost Effective – Sci-Mind™ minimizes time away from the office; no travel required.
  • Innovative – Sci-Mind™ customizes content to meet learners’ unique needs, but also offers interactive and hands-on learning and puts them in touch with peers and Subject Matter Experts in real time like no training they have had before.
  • Feedback – Learners receive reports documenting progress through the Sci-Mind™ experience, which can also be tailored to share with company management.
  • Alumni/networking – Learners become part of the ACS ProEd alumni community that facilitates career-long professional networking and idea-sharing.

Registration is open for Sci-Mind™ cohorts in Separation Science and Toxicology for the Scientist – register now as space in cohorts is limited to 15 learners.

If you have questions email us or call 202-872-4508.