ACS Entrepreneurial Initiative

Transforming Your Innovative Ideas into Successful Business Ventures and Jobs

The ACS Entrepreneurial Initiative is designed to assist members with broadening their entrepreneurial ideas to stimulate U.S. job growth within the chemical enterprise.

Entrepreneurial Training Program (ETP)

The ACS has partnered with Kauffman Fasttrac® to offer a training program that stimulates innovation and entrepreneurship. The program offers the TechVenture™ curriculum that corresponds to the needs of ACS members at different stages of their entrepreneurial plan.

The ERC has been designed to cultivate new strategic partnerships and make existing ACS resources more accessible to members in order to advance entrepreneurship and create new job opportunities throughout the chemical enterprise.

Entrepreneurial Initiative Overview

“ACS is responding to the challenges facing the greater chemical enterprise by facilitating job creation through chemical innovation.”

—Madeleine Jacobs, ACS Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

The ACS Entrepreneurial Initiative (EI) is a two-year pilot program that responds to the recent recommendations of the ACS Presidential Task Force on Innovation in the Chemical Enterprise entitled “Innovation, Chemistry, and Jobs: Meeting the Challenges of Tomorrow.” The EI provides chemical entrepreneurs with affordable access to training and resources that foster the creation of new jobs for U.S.-based chemists.