ACS Entrepreneurial Resources Center

Creating jobs through chemical innovation

American Chemical Society wants to make its resources more accessible and affordable to ACS member entrepreneurs. The ACS ERC is looking to advance chemical entrepreneurs and provide resources to members with a practical business plan and/or start-ups. The Entrepreneurial Resources Center will offer access to the following:

  1. ACS Publications Journals and CAS SciFinder®
  2. Technical expertise from ACS’s membership base of more than 164,000
  3. Key services provided by ACS professional vendors
  4. Mentorship services by successful ACS member chemical entrepreneurs
  5. Introductions to sources of private capital
  6. Introductions to large innovators as potential commercial partners

These resources will be available to participants only during the six month time period for which they are enrolled in the ERC.

This opportunity is exclusive for ACS members. In your application, you’ll need to present a feasible entrepreneurial plan that creates new innovative products and services and new jobs for American chemical professionals.