Plastics Chemist

Katherine Glasgow

As a student at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, Katherine decided to major in chemistry while studying Spanish as well.

Diversity in her choices has remained a consistent theme in Katherine’s career. As a graduate student, she enjoyed teaching and communicating with students. She eventually decided to put those communication skills to work in industry. Starting with her first job in process chemistry at GE Plastics, Katherine went on to work in other challenging areas at that organization, such as the competitive patent arena and the development of internal patent strategies.

Eventually, she became involved in the product development side of plastics. “My job evolved along my interests,” says Katherine. Katherine’s interest in being a member of a professional society like ACS parallels her diverse interest in her industrial career.

Katherine explains, “ACS membership provides the unique opportunity for a chemist to associate with other chemists whom [he or she] might not regularly encounter.” She applauds ACS for offering graduate students opportunities to meet and present papers side by side with Nobel laureates during national meetings.

Online journals and Chemical & Engineering News provide Katherine with quick access and news information about research and business related to chemistry. As an industrial job recruiter, Katherine recognizes the National Employment Clearinghouse as a “powerhouse with outstanding job candidates.” Key to her success, Katherine has found a way of making the most of the Society’s diverse offerings to its members.

Currently Katherine is the Global Director, New Product R&D at Nomacorc.

When Katherine was in high school, she had two passions:chemistry and Spanish.