Supporting the teaching and learning of chemistry has been a critical aim of ACS since its inception over 138 years ago. Continuing that tradition, the American Association of Chemistry Teachers will support K–12 teachers of chemistry by providing a professional home that offers specialized resources, opportunities for networking and interaction, and a means of interfacing with the broader ACS community.

Membership is inclusive and open to anyone with an interest in chemistry education, however, AACT will primarily serve K–12 teachers.

AACT's Goals

  • Serve as a trusted source of chemistry teaching resources
  • Provide networking opportunities
  • Disseminate effective teaching and learning practices at the K–12 level

AACT will officially launch this September. You can sign up to receive updates on the latest AACT news, or email us at aact@acs.org.


In 2009, an ACS task force on education was charged with this question: What can the world’s largest scientific society do to transform science education in the United States?

Among its recommendations was to explore the formation of a K–12 association of chemistry teachers.  After extensive discussion, market research, and planning, AACT was approved by the ACS Board of Directors and will officially launch in September.

Other ACS Resources

  • ChemMatters Magazine
    An award-winning magazine for high school chemistry, ChemMatters demystifies chemistry at work in our everyday lives. Each issue includes a teacher’s guide containing background information, follow-up hands-on activities, classroom demonstrations, and other resources to facilitate student comprehension.
  • Byte-size Podcasts
    Learn about the latest discoveries in chemistry with these entertaining podcasts specially produced for late elementary and middle school students.
  • Inquiry in Action
    Incorporate inquiry into your science curriculum with these standards-based inquiry driven investigations. Best for grades 3–6.
  • Middle School Chemistry
    View fully developed lesson plans that you can use to teach an entire middle school chemistry unit. Each activity, as well as the entire 691 page book is available for free download in PDF format. The website also has a multimedia section, complete with molecular model animations and videos. Best for grades 6–8.
  • International Year of Chemistry (IYC) Kit
    Meet scientists around the world, learn about clues of chemical change, and discover real-life applications for chemistry.

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