Inquiry Matters: Incorporating Inquiry into Physical Science Education (Grades 3–6)

Learn how to incorporate inquiry-based scientific investigations into your science curriculum through the Inquiry Matters workshop. This hands-on workshop, given by authors of Inquiry in Action ― Investigating Matter Through Inquiry, engages teachers in the elements of inquiry.

What will I learn?

Inquiry Matters workshop participants experience the process of scientific discovery as they contribute their own ideas, help design experiments, and discuss possible explanations for their observations. All activities cover important physical science concepts taught in grades 3 through 6 and can easily be integrated into any curriculum.

Workshop participants will:

  • Learn what inquiry is and how to incorporate inquiry into a science curriculum
  • Conduct science investigations that build physical science and inquiry knowledge and skills
  • Get background information and activities highlighting physical properties and change, chemical change, states of matter, and density
  • Receive a printed copy of everything taught in the workshop — and much more — with the book Inquiry in Action.

Request a workshop for your area

Inquiry Matters may be presented as either a half day or full-day session. To learn more about organizing a workshop for your local teachers, contact James Kessler at (202) 872-6165 or Patti Galvan (202) 872-6168, or email


Get a free copy of Inquiry in Action!

Workshop participants will receive a complimentary copy of Inquiry in Action ― Investigating Matter Through Inquiry. The book guides teachers through inquiry-based, physical science activities and covers basic chemistry concepts and scientific investigations.