Chemists Celebrate Earth Day (CCED) 2015

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CCED seeks to bring international focus to environmental causes, such as clean air, water, and energy. ACS offers events, contests, and educational resources for members, chemical educators, and chemistry enthusiasts to illustrate the positive role that chemistry plays in preserving the Earth.

The CCED 2015 theme is "Climate Science – More Than Just A Weather Report!", exploring climate science and the role chemistry plays in the environment.

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CCED At-A-Glance

This is the second-place winning 2014 poem in the 9th-12th grade category.
Carolyn Diaz Fuentes
Puerto Rico Local Section

Got Talent?

K-12 students can show off their artistic creativity for a chance to win money and national recognition!

Congratulations to the winners of the CCED 2015 Illustrated Poem Contest!

Celebrating Chemistry - Climate Science: More Than Just A Weather Report
CCED 2015 Edition: "Climate Science: More Than Just A Weather Report"

Celebrating Chemistry

Our kid-friendly, hands-on activity publication for exploring important chemistry topics.

The CCED 2015 online edition of Celebrating Chemistry

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Meg pondering event ideas.

CCED Community Event

Collect weather appropriate clothing for your region to be donated to local charities.
CCED 2015 Community Event

This image shows a classroom scene of a teacher mole instructing at the blackboard in front of two students.

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