Chemists Celebrate Earth Day Community Event

A community event will be suggested to coordinators to collect weather appropriate clothing for their region to be donated to charities.

Where in your community might there be limited access to water for drinking or washing?  Is there a way that you can get water there? Can you find a way to donate clean water to a shelter, an animal rescue mission, or another group?  Is there already an organization in your area that you can support in improving access to clean water?

For this year's community event we encourage you to identify needs for water in your community and help meet those needs.

If you're stuck, here are a few good starting points:

Additional Tips

  • Host a Science Café on the environmental aspects of the four CCED topics of air, soil, recycling, or water.
  • Perform hands-on activity demonstrations for the public at local venues, such as malls, schools, and libraries.
  • Be creative and organize your own innovative or engaging event. Your section may nominate the event for one of two ChemLuminary Awards. Contact your local section officer for details.