National Chemistry Week Community Event

Halloween Candy Collection Drive

National Chemistry Week is just before Halloween! This year’s topic is candy and what better way to give back than to donate the excess to military families and those in need?

Below are suggestions of things to do with the excess candy as well as options for use of excess candy and tips for hosting a collection and donation drive.

What to do with all this candy?

  • Have a donation collection drive
  • Conduct a Halloween candy buyback program
  • Make chemistry artwork out of the candy
  • Hold a candy exchange
  • Use excess candy for making goodie bags
  • Do candy experiments with leftovers

Tips to begin a collection and donation drive:

  • Contact the charitable organization in advance!
    Be sure to contact the donation center in your area. You can start by performing an internet search for “candy donation” and your “zip code”
  • Determine which items are accepted, the dates when donations are accepted, and in what condition. The requirements for this will vary depending on the charity. In general, candy is accepted if it is in its original wrapper.
  • Notify your constituency of the dates, time, and location of collection.
  • Conduct the drive during or around National Chemistry Week.

Organizations that may accept candy donations:

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