Celebrating National Chemistry Week: Suggestions for Coordinators

Join ACS volunteers across the country and carry out the mission of NCW! Use this year’s theme to reach out to the public, especially students, with messages about the important role chemistry plays in our lives.

  • During NCW, when answering your phone say, “Hello, it’s National Chemistry Week!”
  • Add a tag line about NCW and the year’s theme to the bottom of your email communications.
  • Using hard copies of Celebrating Chemistry, ask local libraries and science museums to make them available to the public. Send them to elementary school, middle school and high school science departments in your area (as well as any known home schoolers). Promote the Spanish-language versions where appropriate (other Spanish-language NCW materials can be found at www.acs.org/chicos).
  • Participate in the NCW Community Event.
  • Purchase NCW-themed items from the ACS Store and give them away at your local elementary school classroom.
  • Give a presentation to a local club, school, or other organization and explain how chemistry relates to your career.
  • When using Twitter to talk about NCW, be sure to add #NCW to your tweet.
  • With your ACS local section, participate in and/or help promote the NCW Illustrated Poem contest for K-12th grade students.
  • Engage employees of local industries in discussions about the role chemistry plays in their profession and possibly arrange a seminar or workshop for either students or adults about that topic. If you work for a chemical company read about ways your company can participate in NCW.
  • Review ACS’s PR Guidebook for more ideas and suggestions about ways to promote NCW and all other programs, services and events.
  • Right after NCW, post a summary of all the activities and events in the NCW group on the ACS Network.