ACS Science Coaches–How to Partner with a Teacher

Have a Teacher in Mind?

Request to meet the teacher to discuss volunteering in the classroom. These talking points are helpful hints to suggest ways to provide support and assistance.

How Can a Chemist Find a Teacher?

To locate a teacher, schedule an in-person meeting with a school principal. During the meeting, use talking points to explain the benefits of ACS Science Coaches. If interested in program participation, the principal may suggest a teacher who could be a good fit. 

A chemist will have a productive and personally satisfying volunteer experience at a school where both the teacher and principal are excited about the opportunity to work with a Science Coach.

If a school does not wish to work with a Science Coach, try again at another school. 

Talking Points

  • Introduce yourself and share your motivation for offering to assist
  • Describe the ACS Science Coaches program and list the expectations
  • Provide examples of how you could assist
  • Ask what topics or concepts are covered in science at this grade level
  • Ask the teacher what s/he might like you to do
  • Explain that each of you will need to describe briefly how you plan to work together throughout the year in a proposal to the ACS Science Coaches program
  • If the proposal is accepted, ACS will donate $500 to the school
  • In your discussion with the principal or teacher, consider reasons they may choose to participate in the ACS Science Coaches program


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