ACS Science Coaches–Sign Up

Science Coaches enrollment for the 2015-16 school year is closed.  

Step 1. Partner with a Teacher

Chemists select a science teacher who will partner with them for one school year. Prior to applying to the program, chemists and teachers should plan how they will work together.  

Step 2. Sign Up!

The application is a two-part process comprising applications from a chemist and partner teacher. Only after both application parts are completed will the partnership be considered for Science Coaches.

The chemist must initiate the application process by completing the downloadable form below.  

Science Coach application for chemist


Upon completion, the chemist must give it to their partner teacher.

After receiving the chemist’s completed form, the teacher must submit an application using the online application system. To apply, the teacher follows these steps:

1.    Create an account in the online application system.  An email address will
        serve as the username for the account. We recommend the teacher uses a
        personal email address to limit email firewall blockage.

2.    Select “Apply” in the left navigation pane.

3.    Select “Science Coaches Application 2015-16” to begin application.

4.    Enter and submit the required materials for this application.

5.    The chemist’s form (see above) must be uploaded to the   
        teacher's application in the online application system for the
        application to be evaluated.

6.      Submit the application. Saved drafts are not considered submitted
         applications. The teacher must select the “Submit” button. A confirmation
         email will be sent to confirm the submission.

Step 3. Application Evaluation

Applications are evaluated to determine how well they align with the mission of the ACS Science Coaches: To help elementary, middle, and high school teachers provide innovative science education to their students through the enthusiasm of a volunteer chemist.

Acceptance messages are sent within one month of application submission.