ACS Science Coaches–Application Process

Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis beginning June 2015 through October 30, 2015.


Step 1. Partner with a Teacher

Chemists select a science teacher who will partner with them for one school year. Prior to applying to the program, chemists and teachers should plan how they will work together. 


Step 2. Sign Up!

The application is a two-part process comprising applications from a chemist and the partner teacher. Only after both application parts are completed will the partnership be considered for Science Coaches. The chemist must initiate the application process by completing a form with the following information:

  • Chemist's contact information
  • Teacher’s contact information
  • How the chemist plans to assist the teacher 
  • Chemist's motivation for helping at a school

Upon completion of the chemist's application, the teacher receives an email with a link to the teacher portion of the application. The following information is requested:

  • School contact information
  • Grade levels and courses being taught
  • Plans with the chemist
  • Motivation for accepting the chemist’s offer of assistance

Step 3. Application Evaluation

Applications are evaluated to determine how well they align with the mission of the ACS Science Coaches: To help elementary, middle, and high school teachers provide innovative science education to their students through the enthusiasm of an ACS chemist.

Acceptance messages are sent in August.

If the proposal is accepted, coach-teacher partners will need to:

  • Submit a letter of support from the  school administration
  • Submit a brief, end-of-year report demonstrating what was accomplished through this partnership
  • Complete one survey in January and May
  • Obtain the donation from the school in February