Chemical Education in Two-Year Colleges

According to a National Science Foundation InfoBrief,* approximately 40% of students earning bachelor’s or master’s degrees in chemistry attended a two-year college. Yet community and technical colleges are facing big challenges due to smaller budgets and limited time to prepare students for further study.

The following resources and tools will help you prepare students for the workplace or a four-year college.

Survey Results

Two-Year College Chemistry Landscape 2014: Emerging trends and ACS polices

Survey of two-year college campuses that addresses transferability, distance education, experiential opportunities, program assessment, and the impact of ACS guidelines.


Two-Year College Chemistry Landscape 2013: Faculty Responsibilities and Practices Survey Summary Report
Survey of two-year college faculty that addresses faculty work hours, faculty engagement in professional activities, and student skills teaching and assessment.

  • Download complete data tables, reported practices, and survey questionnaire

Two-Year College Chemistry Landscape 2012: Safety Practices Survey Summary Report
Survey of two-year college campuses and departments that addresses laboratory section sizes and chemical safety policies, resoures, and education practices.

Two-Year College Chemistry Landscape 2010: Resources and Priorities
Survey of two-year college chemistry faculty that addresses faculty needs, priorities for potential resources, and use and impact of existing resources.

  • Download survey data and questionnaire

Two-Year College Chemistry Faculty Status Survey, Spring 2010
Survey of two-year college campuses and departments that addresses faculty demographics and status, teaching assignments and class sizes, and employment trends

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