Research, Internships, and Other Scholarly Activities

Research, internships, co-operative learning, and other scholarly activities allow students to use and integrate their chemistry knowledge, develop professional skills, create new scientific knowledge, and learn to appreciate the scientific process. Such experiences foster interactions among students, faculty, and chemical professionals. Faculty also benefit from increased exposure to current discoveries, chemical advances, and trends in chemical industry and research.

Research and long-term projects

In a recent survey, less than one-quarter of respondents reported their two-year college supported original research. However, because research and other long-term projects help students develop both chemistry knowledge and professional skills, it is well-aligned with the missions of most two-year colleges. Here are some resources that may help.



  • Funding
    Look through these grant opportunities for possible sources of research funds.
  • Partnerships
    Learn how partnering with two- and four-year institutions, industry, and government can help fund research.
  • webGURU*
    Share this source of advice and information on research with your students.

Internships, co-ops, and job-shadowing

Internships, co-operative learning, job-shadowing, and other types of professional experiences give students a taste of possible future careers. They also help students develop their professional skills and can provide an edge in future job searches. Here are some resources to help support these experiences.



  • Position Statement: U.S. Internships*
    Get definitations and criteria from the National Association of Colleges and Employers to help you and your partners develop meaningful internship experiences.
  • STUDENTfacturED*
    See how one two-year college developed its own internship opportunities.


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