Chemistry in Context 9th Edition co-Editor-in-Chief

ACS is seeking a co-Editor-in-Chief for the 9th edition of its non-majors textbook, Chemistry in Context. Chemistry in Context supports an issues-based curriculum model that enables non-science majors to learn chemistry in the context of their own lives and significant issues facing science and the world.

In August 2013, ACS will begin work on the 9th edition of Chemistry in Context, a major revision that will incorporate new contexts and pedagogies. The co-Editor-in-Chief will collaborate with ACS to guide all aspects of the revision, from planning through publication in February 2017.

Position description

The term of the co-Editor-in-Chief position is August 2013 – February 2017. The first 2.5 years are largely devoted to planning, writing, and editing; the last year will be dedicated to production and publication. The position will be a contractor 1099 role with no benefits.

Position responsibilities

The incumbent will work with his/her co-Editor-in-Chief to:

  1. Plan a major revision to the textbook, including the incorporation of new contexts and pedagogies, in collaboration with ACS Education Division staff.
  2. Select and manage the writing team for implementing the planned revision.
  3. Author, edit, review, and proofread text copy and supplemental materials (digital homework, lab manual, instructor support materials, etc.).
  4. Represent the textbook at various meetings, including giving presentations on the text and its features.
  5. Call, contribute to, and/or participate in author team and/or Editorial Advisory Board meetings.
  6. Provide written and electronic copies of the work in an agreed upon form suitable for entering into the production phase.
  7. Collaborate with ACS staff to create and maintain timelines for text completion, review, and production.
  8. Work with ACS staff and the publisher’s art, design, and production personnel in preparing the printed version of the text and supporting materials.
  9. Serve as the liaison between the author team and the ACS Education Division.

Downloadable version

Position requirements

Candidates should have a Ph.D. in the chemical sciences and experience in curriculum development, textbook development, and/or chemistry education.

Application procedure

Submit a curriculum vitae and concise vision statement (as outlined below) to Michael Mury.

Requirements for vision statement

Over the past nearly 25 years, Chemistry in Context has presented important chemistry concepts to students through relatable contexts. The textbook is designed to create a meaningful learning experience and provide students with the chemical knowledge they need to be scientifically literate citizens.

Please provide a statement outlining your vision for the 9th edition of Chemistry in Context, addressing the following questions.

  • What do you view as the strengths of Chemistry in Context and opportunities for growth in future editions?
  • What modifications, additions, or deletions might you make to the textbook?
  • What experience should Chemistry in Context provide for students who will take a single chemistry course in their college career?
  • How can the textbook address content and contexts that will benefit students with a wide variety of majors?
  • How can Chemistry in Context be revised to create the greatest impact for non-science major students at the collegiate level while meeting the needs of today’s students?


Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Review of applications will begin June 30, 2013. Selected candidates will be invited to participate in phone interviews beginning July 15, 2013.

Contact information

Please direct all questions, comments, and applications to

Michael Mury, Lead Education Specialist