Chemtura Corp (Naugatuck, CT) │ SCI Scholars Internship

Summer 2015

Sponsoring Company: Chemtura Corporation

Location: Naugatuck, CT

Preferred course of study: Chemistry

Organizational Unit: R&D Plant, Petroleum Additives

Internship Period: 10 weeks

Salary: $8,000

Additional Support: $2,000 advance for travel and living expenses


  • Current junior
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Minimum GPA of 3.5

Internship Description

We are seeking an enthusiastic, motivated, talented individual to join our technology team as an intern. Reporting to the Senior Scientist, the intern is responsible for the evaluation of new and commercial lubricant additives.

  • Conduct routine and non-routine laboratory bench tests on lubricant additives, including include PDSC, Bulk Oxidation Testing, TEOST, Four-Ball Wear, and Cameron-Plint TE77 High Frequency Friction
  • Accurately collect, organize, and present data in notebooks, on computers, and in reports
  • Participate in improving the bench test methodology
  • Conduct analysis on analytical equipment such as IR, NMR, GC, HPLC, and titrations
  • Maintain laboratory and test equipment to provide a clean, safe, and efficient working environment in accordance with Chemtura practices
  • Blend lubricants for in-house/contract testing and coordinate the shipment of additives and lubricants

How to Apply

To apply for this internship, please submit the following documents:

Application Form

Complete the application form (requires CV/resume). Be sure to indicate your top 3 internship company choices.

Apply by December 19, 2014, midnight EST

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About Chemtura

Chemtura Corporation (NYSE:CEM), headquartered in Middlebury, CT, has annual revenues of $3.2 billion and is one of the largest publicly traded specialty chemicals company in the United States and a leader in several markets. We have more than 4,600 employees in research, manufacturing, sales and administrative facilities in every mayor world markets.