ACS Student Chapter Reports

Student chapter reports give chapters an opportunity to inform ACS about activities, voice concerns from the academic year, provide suggestions, and become eligible for a Student Chapter Award. To remain active, a chapter must submit a report at least once every three years.

Reports are due May 22, 2013!

How to Submit a Chapter Report
1. Make sure your chapter has an account in the online system. New users must create an account at (Please check with your advisor to see if he/she, or a previous officer, has created an account for your chapter).
2. Complete the Chapter Report Form.
Use the Chapter Report Form to report all information. You may submit narratives as supplemental information but not as your main reporting vehicle.
3. Record Chapter Finances
Use these templates to report chapter finances:
- Financial Report Template (excel)
- Financial Report Template (word)
4. Submit report online

Chapter Report Criteria and Considerations

Nominations for chapter awards are based on exceptional activities, programs and initiatives described in chapter reports. Review the chapter report criteria and considerations to increase your chances of winning an award.


Don’t forget to:

  • Submit a completed chapter report form on or before May 22, 2013. Late reports will not be reviewed for an award.
  • Use the correct report form. Forms change from year to year.
  • Ensure that your chapter has at least six paid members with an ACS ID number.
  • Ensure that all chapter officers are paid members.
  • Avoid listing activities under multiple categories.
  • Ensure that you do not list a member’s participation in independent activities. For example, if a member donates blood on his or her own, that is not considered chapter activity. However, if your chapter sends students to donate blood on behalf of the chapter, then it is a chapter activity.
  • Include samples of supporting documentation, such as meeting announcement flyers and pictures of events or members.
  • Label all supporting documentation with the event name and date.
  • Upload all supporting documentation in the appropriate category.
  • Add references to supporting documentation in the activity summary.
  • Include the number of people from the community that participated in or benefited from chapter events. For example, if you perform demonstrations at a local mall, mention how many people (approximate) visited your booth.
  • Include the number of ACS student members, chemistry club members, and faculty members who participate in all events.
  • Indicate which events your chapter planned.