Valentine’s Day Chemistry

Love is in the air for Valentine’s Day! Why not celebrate chemistry-style? Get ideas to make science-themed valentines, create a borax crystal heart, or learn a valentine demo to share with your sweetheart.

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ChemClub making chocolates
Escuela San German Interamericana, San German, PR
Crafting homemade Valentine’s Day cards


Make a Valentine’s Day connection—between chemistry and fun. Try a hand boiler, energy ball, and a “bloody” valentine from Sick Science!


Watch how elements behave at a party, then try out this activity where elements go speed dating. Help the elements find their perfect partners in this activity.

Flowers & Perfume

  • Attar of Roses
    Give your sweetheart a rose for Valentine’s Day—or just buy one for yourself and try this experiment. You’ll attempt to isolate the compounds that make up its fragrance.
  • Colored Flowers
    Let them know you care with flowers. But don’t forget the chemistry twist—color them first using a classic capillary action experiment.
  • Chemically Perfect Perfume
    Take a trip around the laboratory as different components are added to a Valentine bottle in a quest for the perfect perfume.


  • Eat Chocolate in the Name of Science
    Need an excuse to eat more chocolate? Here it is! Try this experiment and see how your chocolate experience changes depending on temperature.
  • The Sweet Lure of Chocolate
    Drool over this site as you learn the history of chocolate and try a hands-on “tempering” activity.
  • A Calendar Year of Chemistry
    The calendar would not be complete without a Valentine’s Day video. Check out “The Chemistry of Chocolate” in this collection.

Join the professor (from the Periodic Videos from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom) for a chat as he tells you about the chemistry of chocolate and roses, with a smashing finale.

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