U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad Competition Process

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  1. Local Chemistry Olympiad Competitions
    The local competition is open to all high school students. ACS Local Sections administer exams and choose nominees for the national competition.

  2. U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad Competition
    The national competition involves a 3-part exam administered to approximately 1,000 students. The 20 top-scoring students are chosen to attend a study camp in order to advance to the International Chemistry Olympiad.

  3. Study Camp
    The nation’s top 20 students from the national competition spend two weeks at study camp to demonstrate their ability. Four students are chosen to represent the United States at the International Chemistry Olympiad based on performance.

  4. International Chemistry Olympiad
    The International Chemistry Olympiad is an annual competition for the world’s most talented chemistry students at the secondary school level. Nations around the world send a team of four students to test their chemistry knowledge and skills in a five-hour laboratory practical and five-hour written theoretical examination.