Periodic Table of the Elephants

Have you seen and chuckled at the “Periodic Table of the Elephants” and found yourself puzzled over the intended meaning behind any of the figures?

If you have a copy of the “Periodic Table of the Elephants” you may have tried to determine the reasoning behind many of the pictures. Some, you will find, are a play on words, others show where or how the element is used and yet others are an interpretation of a phrase that involves the element’s name.

The table was created as part of a Washington, DC tourism project and was designed by high school students at Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts. ACS purchased the elephant when it was auctioned and we have since created the products you may have received or purchased from the online store, including posters and T-shirts.

Thanks to the help of William Trammell, NCW coordinator in the Savannah River Section who asked us questions and then filled in almost all the blanks to get this resource started, we are pleased to share with you a reference list for the “Periodic Table of the Elephants”. We think you’ll be trumpeting over it, just as we were!

Fun Pachyderm Products

Periodic Posters
24" x 36" Poster of the Periodic Table of the Elephants

Periodic Notebook Sheets
Pack of 50 8.5" x 11" Notebook Sheets

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