Characteristics of Materials

Hands-On Activities

Test Your Knowledge

  • Architectural Structures
    Learn about different kinds of homes built by Native Americans.
  • Calcium
    We need calcium for strong bones. But what does calcium have to do with seashells, chalk, and limestone?
  • Crystals
    The special structure of crystals helps make calculators, watches, and fiber optics work.
  • Chemistry and Art
    Chemistry plays a part in many kinds of art!
  • Chemistry and Color
    See how chemistry solves a colorful cartoon caper.
  • Food Science
    There’s chemistry in your kitchen. Learn about the nutrients in some of your favorite foods.
  • Magnetism and Conductivity
    Test your science knowledge by predicting which objects are magnetic, and allow electricity to flow through them.
  • Magnets
    Predict which household items are magnetic.
  • Plants
    Compare different plants and learn which part of each plant is best for eating.
  • Polymers
    Explore how a special class of chemicals can be turned into many useful things.
  • Science of Soda Pop
    Learn the process by which soda-pop is made.
  • Sink or Float
    From hot air balloons to diet cola, learn why some objects sink while other objects float.
  • Soap and Detergent
    Learn what soap is and how it gets things clean.
  • Stuff that Sticks
    Find out how plants and animals produce substances that are sticky like glue.
  • Surface Tension
    Examine some pictures to see how water's attraction to itself can create natural works of art.