Your Body

Hands-On Activities

Test Your Knowledge

  • Calcium
    We need calcium for strong bones. But what does calcium have to do with seashells, chalk, and limestone?
  • Dissolving
    Find examples of dissolving in your body, in a cave, and underwater.
  • Food Science
    There’s chemistry in your kitchen. Learn about the nutrients in some of your favorite foods.
  • Friction
    Find out ways friction can be a friend or a foe.
  • Plants
    Compare different plants and learn which part of each plant is best for eating.
  • Smell and Taste
    Which animals have specialized senses of taste and smell? Take this quiz to find out.
  • Sound and Hearing
    What is sound? How can we hear it? Learn more about what sound is and how our bodies detect it.
  • Water
    Explore the many ways that water is essential to life on planet earth.