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Drug Discovery from A to Z

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What does it take to bring a drug on to the market? Learn the stages and challenges of every step by tuning in to the ACS Webinars Drug Discovery Series. Listen and discuss with subject matter experts about drug discovery, preclinical development, clinical investigation, regulatory concerns, and commercialization issues. Each new session will leave you with a better understanding of how products make it from bench to market – a big picture view that could be critical for your research!

Register for the series which will be broadcast on the last Thursday of each month beginning February and ending October 2014. To view previous sessions in the series: Click here

Upcoming sessions

Pharmacoeconomics and IP Strategies in Drug Development
Thursday, September 25, 2014 @ 2-3pm ET

  • What “cost-effectiveness” means for drug products and how payers perceive their value
  • How patient outcomes fit into pharmacoeconomics
  • The role that pharmacoeconomic considerations play in drug development choices
  • And much more…

Future of Drug Discovery – Challenges, Risks, Rewards
Thursday, October 30, 2014 @ 2-3pm ET

  • Overview of the drug discovery process
  • What the future of Drug Discovery might look like
  • Possible challenges and opportunities for chemists
  • More info coming soon.

Jeff Zablock

Gilead Sciences

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