17th Annual ChemLuminary Awards Celebration

ACS Honors Volunteers in Boston

The 17th Annual ChemLuminary Awards celebration was held during the ACS National Meeting in Boston, MA, on August 18, 2015. The ceremony gave members a great opportunity to recognize local sections, regional meetings, divisions, and international sciences chapters that receive accolades for their tireless efforts and work in promoting chemistry and the chemical sciences in local areas during 2014.

ACS President Diane Grob Schmidt opened the ChemLuminary Awards event with welcoming remarks followed by a keynote address presented by Cynthia K. Larive, recipient of the 2015 ACS Volunteer Service Award. Prior to the awards presentation, a poster session was held for members. The posters are presented by finalists of each ChemLuminary Award that reflects their outstanding activities being recognized. The awards are given to well-deserved local sections, technical divisions, regional meetings, and International Sciences Chapters. Immediately following the awards presentation, the celebration continued on the dance floor until midnight.

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