Green Chemistry Chapter Award for Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society

Sponsor: The Education Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS) sponsors the award and the ACS Green Chemistry Institute® assists with evaluating the green chemistry activities.

  • To apply: Submit a chapter report. Include at least 3 green chemistry activities.
  • Deadline: During May each year (check the link above for the exact date)

Purpose: To recognize Student Affiliates Chapters of the ACS that engage in at least three green chemistry activities during the academic year. The Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society is the official ACS organization for undergraduate chemical science majors.

Nature: Each chapter receiving the green chemistry chapter award receives a plaque during the Student Affiliates Awards Ceremony, held annually during the Spring ACS National Meeting.

Eligibility: Student Affiliate Chapters of the ACS may be recognized as a green chemistry chapter by engaging in at least three green chemistry activities during the academic year, and reporting on these activities in the chapter report. These activities could be in conducted in conjunction with National Chemistry Week or Chemists Celebrate Earth Day. Suggestions for such activities include:

  • Hosting a green chemistry speaker
  • Organizing an interdisciplinary green chemistry workshop on campus
  • Working with a local company on a green chemistry project
  • Developing a green chemistry activity with a local school
  • Converting a current lab experiment into a greener one
  • Organizing a green chemistry poster session on campus
  • Distributing a green chemistry newsletter to the local community
  • Designing a green chemistry web page

Green chemistry (defined as pollution prevention; reducing or eliminating the use and/or generation of hazardous substances) must be an emphasis of the activity. Ineligible activities include roadside trash pick-up, aluminum can recycling, and environmental testing/monitoring, unless there is an additional green chemistry component to the activity.

Green Chemistry Chapters are encouraged to apply for an Innovative Activities Grant that supports green chemistry activities in research and community-oriented activities.

Establishment & Support: These annual awards were first presented for the 2001-2002 academic year.

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