Green Chemistry Student Chapter Award

Student involvement in green chemistry principles and practices is essential to the integration of environmentally benign technologies in academia and industry.


ACS Student Chapters may be recognized as a green chemistry chapter by engaging in at least three green chemistry activities during the academic year.

Ideas for activities:


  • Develop a green chemistry website
  • Make a green chemistry bulletin board
  • Pass out green chemistry buttons, brochures, etc.
  • Present a green chemistry poster at a national/regional Meeting
  • Promote green chemistry on campus
  • Run a green chemistry scavenger hunt
  • Create and distribute “green rating” handouts
  • Make green chemistry t-shirts and use to teach around the campus
  • Create and distribute a green chemistry newsletter

Community Outreach

  • Give green chemistry demos
  • Lead green chemistry “hands on” experiments
  • Educate community regarding “green products”
  • Show Inconvenient Truth movie and discuss how the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry relate to issues raised in the movie
  • Display about green chemistry at local mall


  • Run a Student chapter led lecture series on green chemistry topics
  • Organize and host a green chemistry speaker
  • Visit hydrogen powered cars and discuss the pollution prevention pros and cons
  • Hold debate on global warming and tie in the concepts of green chemistry
  • Attend green chemistry presentations/lectures at a National/Regional Meeting
  • Take a field trip to a green chemistry facility or factory
  • Take a field trip to a LEED certified green building or house and learn about the green chemistry principles incorporated into the building materials
  • Attend a green chemistry workshop

Ineligible Activities

  • Park, stream, road or other clean-up
  • Recycling drive
  • Water monitoring
  • Same web page/newsletter/bulletin board as previous year
  • Earth Day celebration without green chemistry component specified
  • Any activity with only one member involved
  • Attending 3 talks by home university professors

The Chapter Report serves as the basis for awarding "green" status to student chapters. Green chemistry activities may be documented in the annual report through minutes, announcements, photographs, and/or newsletters.

Green Chemistry Student Chapters are encouraged to apply for an Innovative Activities Grant to support green chemistry activities in research and community-oriented activities.

It’s More Than Just About Winning an Award

You can:

  • Become a spokesperson on your campus for sustainability and the solutions chemistry can bring through green chemistry
  • Start a movement of sustainability across your campus and in the community
  • Make a difference through chemistry
  • Have a positive impact on human health, the environment & the future
  • Improve the “image” of chemistry

Benefits of Receiving a Green Chapter Award

Chapters are awarded with a "green" status receive numerous benefits:

  • Recognition at the Green Chemistry Student Chapter Awards Ceremony held at ACS national meetings
  • Information on green chemistry internships and research opportunities
  • Complimentary copies of green chemistry educational materials
  • Connections to faculty engaged in green chemistry research

Past Award Winners

See a list of award recipients (2001-2012). In 2012, 56 Student Chapters received the Green Chemistry Student Chapter Award.  The awards will be presented at the spring ACS National Meeting in New Orleans, LA as part of the ACS Student Chapter Awards Ceremony.

Contact ACS GCI

For more information, contact:

ACS Green Chemistry Institute®
1155 Sixteenth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036

(202) 872-6102 or (800) 227-5558 ext. 6102