2013 Heroes of Chemistry

Merck - Isentress®

The American Chemical Society honors nine scientists from Merck for developing Isentress®, the first integrase inhibitor approved for use in HIV infected patients. The discovery of Isentress® occurred after more than a decade of intensive research on a viral target that had once been considered undruggable.

In this video, David Askin, Guy Humphrey, Ralph Laufer, Peter Maligres, Michael Rowley, Vincenzo Summa, Joseph Vacca, John Wai, and Steven Young of Merck, were honored as Heroes of Chemistry in 2013 by the American Chemical Society for the development of Isentress®.

The Merck Team

Image of David Askin

David Askin, formerly the
Senior Scientific Director in
Process Research at the Merck
Research Laboratories

Image of Peter Maligres

Peter Maligres, a Principal Scientist
in Process Research at Merck

Image of Joseph Vacca

Joseph Vacca, formerly the
Vice President of Chemistry
at Merck Research Laboratories

Image of Guy Humphrey

Guy Humphrey, a Senior Principal
Scientist in Process Chemistry at

Image of Michael Rowley

Michael Rowley, the Associate
Scientific Vice President in
Merck Discovery Chemistry

Image of John Wai

John Wai, a Principal Scientist
in Discovery Chemistry at Merck

Image of Ralph Laufer

Ralph Laufer, formerly the
Scientific Director of IRBM
Science Park and Head
of Pharmacology at Merck
Research Laboratories, Rome

Image of Vincenzo Summa

Vincenzo Summa, formerly the
Director in the Medicinal Chemistry
department at Merck Research
Laboratories, Rome

Steven Young, a retired Vice
President of Merck Research

Congratulations to the 2013 ACS Heroes from Merck!