ACS National Awards: Nomination Committees


Two types of committees of the American Chemical Society support the National Awards process: Canvassing Committees and Award Selection Committees.

Canvassing Committees

In August 2007, the ACS Board Committee on Grants & Awards voted to approve a process for determining which awards need to have canvassing committees: If an award has 8 or fewer total nominees for two successive years in which it is awarded it is assigned a canvassing committee for the next cycle and until it remains above 8 for at least two successive years it is awarded. The canvassing committee identifies potential new nominees and arranges for their nomination. The committee also provides the deadline dates for submission of nominations and reminds nominators of their responsibility. The Women Chemists Committee acts as the canvassing committee for the Garvan Olin Medal and the Committee on Public Relations and Communications acts as the canvassing committee for the Grady Stack Award for Interpreting Chemistry for the Public.

Prior to the annual solicitation of nominations, canvassing committee members are appointed to each of the canvassing committees for a term of three award-years by the President-Elect of the Society or, in her or his absence, by the President. The senior canvassing committee member serves as chair. Vacancies are filled by appointment for the unexpired term. Service on a canvassing committee in no way renders the committee member ineligible to nominate or be nominated for the award.

Award Selection Committees

  • Five members expert in the discipline
  • Rotating three award year terms
  • Appointed by the President-Elect
  • Appointments extended when no recipient is selected
  • Selection for service on an award selection committee is confidential