Other ACS Awards

  • Salutes to Excellence
    ACS members and student affiliates recognizing a practitioner of chemistry, a product of chemistry or a place of importance in chemistry within their communities
  • Public Service & Outreach
    Recognizes outstanding contributions to public service or to the development of public policies that benefit the chemical sciences
  • Astellas USA Foundation Awards
    To identify three individuals or teams who exemplify the criterion of having significantly contributed to scientific research that improved public health through their contributions in the chemical and related sciences
  • Awards for Students
    Awards for undergraduate and graduate students and members.
  • Awards for Educators
    A list of ACS National and Regional awards for educators
  • Travel Awards
    For Women Chemists and Chemists with Disabilities to travel to ACS National meetings
  • Diversity in Chemistry
    ACS Diversity Programs is opening doors and investing in the next generation of chemical scientists and engineers.
  • ACS Award Recognizing Underrepresented Minorities in Chemistry for Excellence in Research & Development
    Recognize and promote the participation of under-represented minorities in chemistry who have made significant contributions to chemical research.

Recognizing Excellence

ACS recognizes excellence and dedication within the ACS community with a number of awards to support ongoing activities.