Funded Innovative Project Grants

Fall 2014


Northeast Ohio Graduate School in Chemistry and Biochemistry Symposium
Joint symposium to orient undergraduate students to the processes and expectations of graduate school in chemistry and biochemistry.

Chemical Society of Washington

Website for the Capital Chemist
Launch a new web-based newsletter and online community for CSW membership to improve communication between members and local section leadership.


Increased Engagement of New and Transferred Members
Reach out to new and transferred local section members through engaging existing members as greeters.

Eastern North Carolina

Water Contamination by Coal Ash: Public Discussion and Study
Sponsor public presentations and discussions by recognized experts about water quality issues posed by coal ash, and to support student projects derived from those discussions.


Increase Recruitment and Participation of Younger & Senior Chemists, and Precollege Teachers
Invite unengaged members to demonstrate chemistry concepts using candy, and distribute activity kits for attendees to try at home.

Kanawha Valley

Monitoring Water Chemistry throughout the Kanawha Valley
Educate and engage the community about maintaining clean water through data collection.

Kentucky Lake

Science Centers for Children during Local Section Meetings
Develop science activity centers for the children of local section members to attend during monthly section meetings.

Northeast Wisconsin

Chemistry in Cheese-Making Industry - Lecture and Tour
Explore the chemical partnership that exists in processing, material, and preparation method of cheese-making while touring the escarpment by motor coach.

Northeastern Ohio

Bag O' CANDY Science
Invite unengaged members to demonstrate chemistry concepts using candy, and distribute activity kits for attendees to try at home.


Pacific Northwest Regional Career Fair
Regional career fair spanning companies in the chemical industries of the Pacific Northwest for Section members, encouraging students to pursue careers in chemistry.


Wine, Cheese and Chocolate: A Chemistry Flavor Outreach Extravaganza
Host a fun, educational event celebrating the chemistry of wine, cheese, and chocolate at a winery in the Napa Valley area.

San Antonio

An Evening of Chemistry Demonstrations
Annual chemistry demonstration event to be held jointly with the chemistry club at a local university.

Santa Clara Valley

Celebration of Elements!
As part of the Section's 60-year celebration, highlight history and chemistry of two elements at NCW events and local section meetings, and sponsor periodic table at Foothill College.


Open Book: An Evening with Science Author Sam Kean
A free, public outreach event at a local library, featuring a popular science author, to foster science literacy and community engagement with chemists.

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Spring 2014


Making Science and Math Connections Using Nanodays Activities
Professional development workshop for area 6-12 grade educators to demonstrate activities that combine science and math, while relating to Nanodays and material science.


The Chemistry of Brewing
A seminar on the history, chemistry, and process of brewing intended to engage a broader audience from the local community.


Iota Sigma Pi - Women in Chemistry Convention
Project to support ISP (national honor society for women in chemistry) convention: a unique opportunity to bring together the ISP and northern California WCC and ACS.


"Breaking Bad" for Good
Joint Cincinnati-Dayton local section meeting where an advisor will discuss the science behind the episodes of "Breaking Bad".


Student Professional Development Day
Professional development workshops for undergraduate and graduate students to network with and learn from industrial and academic leaders in chemistry-related fields.

Green Mountain

Molecular Modeling Summer Workshop
A two-day Molecular Modeling Workshop for undergraduate students to acquire hands-on experience with industry-standard software applications.


Uniting the Hawaiian Islands Section with Aloha
Traveling section meeting to focus on networking with geographically isolated members and establishing personal connections with the Hawaii section's leadership.


Impress for Success: Workshop for Advancement of Minority STEM College and University Students
One-day workshop in Indianapolis to aid minority STEM college and university students with skills necessary to succeed with STEM-related post education positions.


Maryland Section Centennial Celebration
Celebrating the Section's 100th anniversary with a year-long series of events culminating in an evening at Baltimore’s Maryland Science Center.


Chemical Business Symposium
Full-day symposium at NORM 2014 focused on starting small chemical businesses and sharing relevant resources in order to catalyze future chemical business events in the Section.


Dr. Rachel Lloyd Memorial Conference and Banquet on Women in Science
Creation of an annual banquet and conference in honor of Dr. Rachel Lloyd, with topics to change each year.


Documenting and Presenting the 50-Year History of the Linus Pauling Award
Utilize video, graphical, written, and web-based mediums to capture and highlight the legacy of the award and its recipients.


Project SEED Celebration Luncheon
Held during CERM 2014, teachers and conference attendees will learn more about Project SEED and its benefits through poster presentations.

San Diego

Chemist to Consultant: Launching a Successful Consulting Career
Lecture series to focus on becoming a chemistry consultant, providing a practical framework for breaking into and succeeding at a career in consulting.

Snake River

Developing a Sustainable Professional Development Program for High School Chemistry Teachers
Two-day event to provide professional development activities and graduate-level credit from Boise State University to chemistry high school teachers.

Southern Illinois

Chemistry at the Farmer's Market
Children aged 5-12 to attend a free educational program at the local farmer's market, learning about the chemistry of food, how chemicals are involved in growing foods, and keeping foods fresh.

St. Joseph Valley

Science Spooktacular presents The Chemistry of Candy
Host Science Spooktacular on exploring the confectionary world of candy through a series of outreach events with partnering organizations.

Tampa Bay

ACS Academic Seminar Series
Collaborate with local universities to support seminars, co-hosting guest speakers, in an effort to stimulate local section member involvement.

Upper Peninsula

Upper Peninsula ACS Student Research Symposium
Host a half-day undergraduate symposium at Northern Michigan University (NMU) campus, where students from colleges and universities across the section will present their chemistry-related research in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

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Fall 2013


Chemistry Kids "Hide and Seek" Web Page
Creation of an interactive chemistry-related children's game via a webpage featured on the local section's website.

Hampton Roads

Synthesis of Biodiesel and Efficiency Assessment of Conventional vs. Novel Methods
A workshop designed for local students to expand their knowledge of renewable fuel synthesis as well as analytical techniques.

Kanawha Valley

Clickers: An Active Learning Technique
Implement Clickers, an audience response technology tool, to promote active learning and involvement of high school students and the general public in chemistry demos and presentations.


Workshop on Chemical Safety
Organize an all-day conference on chemical safety in conjunction with NCW, inviting safety experts to perform experiments safely and fun.


Career Collaborations in the Chemical Sciences
Host a career networking event, in which attendees will ask STEM professionals questions about resume and interview tips, how to find the right job, and learn about ACS career resources. 

Northeast Wisconsin

"Ledge"-ndary Grape Chemistry of the Escarpment
Organize an all-day conference on chemical safety in conjunction with NCW, inviting safety experts to perform experiments safely and fun.

Northern New York

Host a day of fun and informative chemical activities involving high school students and teachers, college undergraduates, college and university faculty and staff and the general public.

Ole Miss

Ole Miss ACS Chemistry Book Club
Engage younger members by establishing a Chemistry Book-of-the-Year reading program to promote integrative thinking and reasoning skills.

Santa Clara Valley

Great America Amusement Park Outreach
Host a public outreach event at the Great America Amusement park, held in conjunction with the 44th Annual Western Regional meeting on Sunday Oct 6, 2013.


Developing a Teacher Summit for Section Educators
Develop annual Teacher Summit, bringing together science teachers from across the region to discuss solutions, issues, and opportunities in teaching chemistry in today’s classroom.

Spring 2013


Chemistry Magic Tricks: A Teacher Training Workshop
A series of workshops, focusing on training teachers how to incorporate chemistry magic tricks into their curricula.


Enabling Electronic Program Delivery at a Regional Meeting
Pilot program to provide delivery of meeting information electronically on-demand to participants through use of QR codes.

Greater Houston

Getting Team Members on the “Same Page”
Conduct a long-term planning session to establish strategic focus, build teamwork, increase innovation, and get all team members "on the same page".

Ilinois Heartland

Chemistry Education Workshop
Host a chemistry education workshop for high school teachers and university professors to share teaching strategies and demonstrations.

Kentucky Lake

Adventure Science Extravaganza
Send a group of 40 underprivileged elementary school children to visit a local science museum, in the hopes of exciting them through scientific discovery and steering their future career choices.


Middle School Teacher Outreach
Introduce middle school teachers to chemistry topics and ACS materials to strengthen their knowledge of classroom resources.


CLASS: Creating Linkages Addressing Science Support
Plan, execute, and evaluate an event to assist teachers with the Next Generation Science curriculum, and identify needs and options for other basic support.

New York

Enhancing Student Job Search Knowledge and Skills

Offer free tickets for students and recent graduates in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering to attend monthly Chemical Marketing and Economics meetings, improving their communication to help them make well-informed career choices.

North Carolina

NC-ACS YouTube Channel: Spotlight on the Chemical Sciences in NC
Create a YouTube channel that highlights the chemical sciences in the local section, providing an opportunity to combine creativity with chemistry while being educational.


Exploring the Feasibility of Establishing Subsections
Explore the feasibility of establishing two subsections (Southeastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire) within NESACS for the purpose of bringing the Section’s activities to its members within those regions.

Northern West Virginia

Chemistry Merit Badge Booth at Boy Scouts of America (BSA) National Jamboree
Plan and deliver interactive outdoor chemistry activities to the 50,000+ attendees at the National Scout Jamboree, to be held for the first time in West Virginia in 2013.

Northwest Louisiana

Lighten Up Louisiana—Let's Explore Solar Energy
Educate the community about how solar energy can change the world through inquiry-based learning at an area science center and several local schools.


Going Green with Chemistry
Host one-day green chemistry/energy conference in Springfield, MO, where undergraduates, graduates, professors, and local members can learn about going-green ideas.


Portland Metro Stem Partnership Mentor Training Project
Train ACS volunteers as mentors to work with K-12 students and teachers to increase the number of high school and college graduates who are prepared for the STEM workforce.


Chemistry in Action
Outreach program to bring hands-on chemistry to middle school students, fostering an awareness of laboratory procedures while increasing understanding of how chemistry is used in practical applications.


Chemistry in Emerging Technologies Lecture Series
A new lecture series highlighting innovative chemistry-based technologies being developed at small companies and start-ups in the Rochester area.

San Diego

Science for Kids: An Introduction to Chemistry for San Diego’s Disadvantaged Adolescents
Local section chemists will conduct hands-on demonstrations and introductory experiments at the Monarch School for homeless children in San Diego to enrich students’ scientific education.

Savannah River

¡La Química es Divertida! - Chemistry is Fun!
Establish a chemistry playroom, where local chemists and scientists provide demonstrations and talks at an after-school safe house in a poor Hispanic community.

Southern Indiana

Bringing Organic Chemistry to the Public: Structure and Scent
Develop a new Organic Chemistry-oriented exhibit at The Wonderlab Museum of Science, Health, & Technology, that introduces children to the relationship between molecular structure and scent in a fun environment.

Southern Nevada

An Annual Poster Competition and Exhibition for High School, Undergraduate
Annual exhibition of poster competitions for high school and undergraduate students with themes pertaining to chemistry and art or research in engineering and the chemical sciences.

Susquehanna Valley

Joseph Priestley CO Discovery Video
Produce an educational video about Joseph Priestley’s discovery of carbon monoxide to increase interaction between local section members and promote knowledge about the Priestley House.

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