Funded Division Innovative Project Grants

Innovative Project Grants are funded by the Divisional Activities Committee to experiment with new ideas and approaches to engaging members. Every division that receives an IPG files a report on their activity and the outcomes.

Model IPG Reports

If you are contemplating submitting a grant proposal or writing a final report, please review the following examples of successful events and reporting.

  • MEDI:  Medicinal Chemistry India 2013
  • ENVR:  Intersociety Initiative
  • PROF:  Out to innovate
  • AGFD:  Cajun Cooking
  • CELL:  Egg Food Safety

Fall 2014


Recruitment, Enhancement, and Retention of International Young Chemists
International Young Chemist Membership promotion program utilizing social media tools.

Creation of a 5-Year AGFD Strategic Plan
An urgent need to increase the number of “active” AGFD members through improving membership value.  


Analytical Chemistry Strategic Planning Event and Student Engagement
Generate a set of 3-5 year goals and executable strategies that align with the strategic goals of the ACS and support the growth, vitality, and impact of the Analytical Chemistry Division.


Frontiers in Glycoscience
Innovative symposium designed to engage young scientists; alternating speakers between veteran leaders in the field, and promising young scientists.


Environmental Chemistry Strategic Planning
A second strategic planning process to involve preliminary electronic input from Division membership


DIC Membership Drive: Recruit, Award and Engage Members
Organize a drive targeting young and underrepresented minority members to develop and run activities at national, regional, and local levels.


Paired Graduate/Undergraduate Mentored ACS Meeting Experiences
Establish mentorships between undergraduates with graduate students to enable undergraduates to maximize their national meeting experiences.

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Spring 2014


Increasing Recruitment, Retention, and Involvement of AGRO Division Membership
Provides a way for AGRO members to become acquainted with key officers and volunteers through a competitive, gaming and team-building activity.

Global Career Opportunities with Agrochemicals: Increasing AGRO Division
Advances cooperation between AGRO and IUPAC for outreach to younger and international chemists, and expands the use of new media tools (such as webinars) to promote ACS activities.


Regional BIOT Networking Meetings
Provide students and young scientists with professional networking skills with more senior BIOT members.


3rd International Conference: Frontiers in Biorefining, Chemicals and Products from Renewable Carbon
Increase the participation of graduate students to ensure their progress in research for the long term.


Sustain-Mix (Sustainability Across the Divisions)
One of the few, if not the first, oral symposium that invites participation from all technical divisions.

Uniting International Chemical Societies Through a Traveling Symposium
Host an international traveling symposium, centered on a topic of universal concern: education for sustainable development and technological innovations.


The First US-China Symposium on Energy
Builds a strong collaboration between the U.S. and China for the urgency of solving energy issues.


ENVR: 100 Years of Environmental Stewardship
Engage junior researchers through highlighted oral and poster presentations, mentoring opportunities, and networking events to help retain future leaders, especially those from underrepresented groups.


Celebrating Milestones of Technician Organizations Within the Society
Share the evolution of technician roles in the chemical enterprise over the last 50 years, as a vehicle to recruit new technician members, and to raise awareness of technicians in the ACS.


Developing a Strategic Plan for Division of Inorganic Chemistry
Maximize the impact of the Division beyond the one-year terms of many elected members.


Delivering Relevant Web Content to Division Members
Utilize a state-of-the-art media intelligence service to automatically aggregate, display, and archive online content relevant to Division members.


Increasing Awareness and Interest of K-12 Students and the General Public in Nuclear Chemistry and Technology
Improve public perception and raise awareness of nuclear chemistry and technology through public outreach.

Southeast Regional Meeting Symposium to Honor W. Frank Kinard
Highlight the contributions of many students who have been encouraged and mentored by a long-standing member of the Division.


Developing Young Chemists Presentation Skills and their Participation in ACS Through Video Activities
Offer young chemists the guidelines and infrastructure for interviewing other scientists, thereby increasing their investment in the success of the Division.

Strengthening Division Activities by Outreach to Meeting Attendees and Engaging Students
Through badge scanning, assess and follow-up with ACS National Meeting attendees who are interested in POLY activities.


Developing Short Video Ethics Scenarios for Ethics Education in Chemistry
Use YouTube to develop educational materials that can be adapted for an all-electronic textbook format for easy use by multiple institutions.

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Fall 2013


Sustainable International Membership
Foster ACS/AGFD international student membership on a multinational, multicultural and sustainable basis.


Developing Global Leaders in the 21st Century
Enhance the AGRO Division's relationship with IUPAC through an interactive workshop of speakers and panel discussions culminating in a set of published recommendations.

Increasing Outreach in California to Promote Younger Chemist Participation in the IUPAC International Congress of Pesticide Chemistry
Establish the first collaboration between AGRO and two California local sections to conduct outreach to younger and international chemists.


75th Anniversary Membership Drive
Raise membership retention through a drive, coupled with anniversary activities designed to improve member satisfaction with the Division.


Implementation of Outreach and Engagement
Implement activities designed to increase member engagement and levels of cooperation between various segments of ACS.


Definition of Laboratory Chemical Risk Assessment Web Platform
First partnership between CHAS and CINF in furthering the mission of both divisions to establish a risk-assessment tool for the academic laboratory chemistry community.


Web Platform and Information Management Process to Support a Laboratory Chemical Risk Assessment Tool
Develop an information management process to support a risk-assessment tool for the academic laboratory chemistry community.


Found and Lost: Incredible Tales of Spurious, Erroneous and Rehabilitated Elements
Promote an unusual topic in the history of chemistry through publication of a scholarly book, giveaways to students, and a symposium and colloquium on the topic.


Medicinal chemistry symposium held jointly with the Royal Australian Chemistry Institute (RACI)
Develop international ties between Australian and U.S. scientists, increase awareness, and membership of the ACS in Australia.


Binational Organic Chemistry Conference (BOCC) between ORGN and the South African Chemical Institute (SACI)
Connect organic chemists in the U.S. with their counterparts in South Africa through a scientifically stimulating, binational organic chemistry conference.


Ethics and Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) in Chemistry
Provide open-access resources and motivational tools to improve the education and processes of dealing with ethical and RCR matters.


Enhancing Member Benefits: Electronic Media Content and Website Design
Improve the Division's website and members' user experiences by incorporating various enhancements and restructuring into a more systematic and logical form.

Tools for Operational Success
Work on real issues at the 2014 Leadership Institute with an ACS facilitator to obtain training tools needed for operational success.


Symposium on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry for Drug Development and Medical Research
Educate attendees about the capabilities and uses of AMS in development of therapeutics, diagnostic assays, and disease mechanism-based research.

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Spring 2013


Promoting Agricultural and Food Chemistry in Thailand
Through a symposium, increase membership and facilitate a sustainable relationship with this young, international chapter.


75th Anniversary Celebration Poster Contest and Outreach
Engage and attract new members while informing ACS membership and the larger community of the history and contributions of the field of analytical chemistry.


Legal Evaluation Network Booth
Have a booth at the Expo of two ACS National Meetings, whereby CHAL members can interact with ACS members in need of legal services.


Capturing Wisdom, History and Expertise from Experts in Energy & Fuels Science & Technology
Convey the outgoing knowledge and history of fuel science and petroleum chemistry from the large retiring community to current scientists in an open forum.


Intersociety Initiative to Address Air Quality at the Interface of Megacity and Agricultural Areas
Develop intersociety collaboration to solve critical and emerging issues in air quality, and provide the basis for short courses to be developed for future use.


Chemistry for Sustainability
Develop a symposium to introduce new, interdisciplinary concepts related to sustainability, as a means of building a network for integrated transdisciplinary research.


Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry
Create an undergraduate organic chemistry award to celebrate excellence in organic chemistry, and begin networking with outstanding students at the early stages of their careers.

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