ACS-Hach Programs

ACS-Hach Programs provide financial support to high school chemistry teachers at every step of their career.  


Grant recipient with items purchased with an ACS-Hach High School Classroom Grant

GRANTS for Current High School Chemistry Teachers

  • Funding for resources, activities, and laboratory equipment 
  • Funding for professional development experiences


Teacher explaining problem on white board

SCHOLARSHIPS for Future High School Chemistry Teachers

  • Financial support for masters degree in education or teacher certification in chemistry. 
  • Financial support for an undergraduate degree and chemistry teaching credentials at one of our 72 partner institutions


About the Hach Scientific Foundation Endowment

Photograph of Clifford and Kitty Hach

Clifford and Kitty Hach, founders of the Hach Company, established the Hach Scientific Foundation in 1982 to encourage students to pursue chemistry at the undergraduate level. Two decades later, the Foundation narrowed its focus in response to the high demand of chemistry education at the secondary level. The new direction resulted in three programs: the Land Grant Scholarship Program for undergraduate chemistry majors seeking a high school teaching career; the Second Career Teacher Scholarship Program for career chemists to become teachers; and the High School Chemistry Grant Program to support high school chemistry teachers in improving the teaching and learning of chemistry in their classrooms.

In January 2009, the Hach Scientific Foundation transferred its assets to ACS. ACS now administers the scholarship and grant programs while retaining the foundation’s spirit and tradition.