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Science and Technology (S&T) Information

The National Innovation Office is the Hungarian Government’s organization responsible for research, development and technological innovation. There is a provision to sign up for newsletters on this website as well as read up on the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy and National Strategies.

According to the OECD Science, Technology and Industry Outlook 2012, Hungary’s innovation policy has undergone regular changes over the past decade. The New SzÉchenyi Plan (ÚSzT) revised and updated the official S&T Innovation Policy Strategy in early 2011 and is currently the main strategy document. It focuses on selected key technology areas and has as its overriding objectives to increase R&D intensity and to increase innovation by firms.

The New SzÉchenyi Plan aims to improve the quality of human resources in the academic sector. The government has increased support for PhD study, corporate scholarships, and post-doctoral job opportunities. Other initiatives to improve the education system include funding for Momentum: “From Brain Drain to Brain Gain” directed at talented young researchers, while the Campus Hungary Programme supports international student mobility.

Other important sources of information on Hungarian S&T initiatives are:

Education System in Hungary

Learn about the Hungarian education system.

Visa Information

The type of visa applied for depends on the applicants citizenship, the length of the stay and reasons for the stay. The visas can be broadly divided into two main types depending on the duration of stay:

  • Short stay visa (C): for stays equal to or shorter than 90 days. Is also called the Schengen visa. Citizens of some countries including the USA do not need a visa for short stays. Please check the nearest consulate for information. Mainly issued for tourism, business travel or family visits; also issued for a short training course, internship, conference, business meeting or be employed for less than 3 months. An airport transit visa (A) is required by citizens of some countries for transiting through Hungary.

  • Long stay visas: for stays longer than 90 days. Foreign nationals requesting entry to Hungary with a purpose of a long stay may submit a residence permit application. Applications can be submitted for the following purposes of entry:
    - for gainful activity
    - to study in Hungary
    - for family reunification
    - to visit friends/relatives
    - for medical treatment
    - for research
    - to do voluntary work

If the stay doesn't fall in any of the categories above, there is a separate form for "residence permit for other reasons"

For more details please refer to a Hungarian consulate near you.

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