Study Abroad: Senior Academic and Faculty Opportunities for STEM Exchanges, Scholarships, and Fellowships in Hungary

Scholarship Programs for Senior Academic/Faculty

The Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA) Basic Research (NN) Program supports research leading to excellent results, based on international cooperation. Research groups must apply after being pre-funded, and include proof of funding in application.

Agencies Involved: The Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA)

Key Dates: Applications accepted year-round. Program starts 6 to 18 months after submission. Submissions are evaluated twice annually.

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) Collaboration with Hungarian Scientists Program brings U.S. scientists to Hungary for 3-12 months to collaborate with Hungarian researchers. Applications must be signed and submitted by the Head of the target Hungarian host institution. Direct applications not accepted.

Agencies Involved: The Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA)

Key Dates: Contact the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to see find out more about this program.

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) Lendület (“Momentum”) Programme aims to bring young researchers back to Hungary and thereby increase Hungarian scientific competitiveness. In the year of 2013, the program will be awarded to 12-15 individual Lendület research teams for periods of up to 5 years. The Program is offered at two levels: the Lendület I level and the Lendület II level. The Lendület I level is offered to researchers under 40 years of age, and the Lendület II level is offered to those under 45. Candidates for both programs must possess a PhD at the time of application.

Agencies Involved: The Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA)

Key Dates: The deadline for the 2014 program has passed. Check the website for information on next year's program.

 Central European Senior Research Fellows

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International Senior Research Fellowships support outstanding postdoctoral scientists establishing their scientific careers in selected European countries: Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakian Republic and Slovenia. Researchers from any country are eligible. The awards run for a period of five years and include a personal salary and research expenses.

Agencies Involved: Wellcome Trust

Key Dates: Deadlines vary based on program. Check the deadline page to see relevant information.

The Fulbright Program US Students Program is awarded to 800 faculty, administrators and professionals annually, and offers them the opportunity to study, lecture, or perform graduate-level research abroad for a minimum of 3 months. Candidates must hold a PhD and must apply from home country.

Agencies Involved: The Fulbright Program, the United States Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, and Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES)

Key Dates: Application deadline August 1, 2014.

The Hungarian Scholarship Board’s Research Stay Program is a 3-21-day or 1-10-month program available for associate professors, academics, and researchers looking to conduct research abroad. Candidates must hold a PhD or equivalent degree. There is no age limit for applicants.

Agencies Involved: The Balassi Institute, the Hungarian Scholarship Board Office

Key Dates: The deadline for this year's program has passed. Check the website for updated information on next year's deadlines.