Programs in Portugal for High School Students/Teachers

Applications to study in Lisbon for 3-7 weeks are invited from U.S high schools students between the ages of 14-17 years who have completed the 9th grade with a minimum GPA of 2.75. Language training programs, homestays, educational courses, and travel excursions are some of the many benefits provided to program participants. Completed CIEE courses are eligible for transfer to most academic institutions.

Agencies Involved: Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

Key Dates: Applications due April 1, 2014

The Language + Culture Program allows students to study Portuguese in Lisbon, Portugalfor 6-12 month periods. Candidates attend classes in Portuguese as well as participating in local excursions and cultural activities. Homestay is available. Candidates must maintain an average GPA or 3.0 or higher on a 5.0 scale. Program credits substantiate 25.5 undergraduate quarter hours.

Agencies involved: The Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

Key Dates: Application deadline April 1, 2014 for Fall 2014 program